Application Process

Our COVID-19 adoption process:

  1. If you see a dog that you are interested in, check the bottom of their biography to see the kind of home we are looking for/qualifications to adopt that dog! Each of our dogs requires a different experience level, but consistent thing you will notice is that we do not adopt out to homes with children under the age of 6, and that age may be higher for specific dogs that need a quieter home.
  2. If you qualify and are still interested, fill out an application! If we think you are a potential match, we will be in touch within 48 hours. If we have set up the dog, or are pursuing other applicants, we will not contact you further. Please note, since March 2020 we have received over 25,000 applications for our dogs. This is unprecedented. We also understand that it can be exhausting and frustrating to keep applying. Unfortunately there isn’t another way and this is how things are today. We take your effort and energy very seriously. We do not take it for granted. We receive upwards of 50-100 applications per dog and review every one of them, so please be patient with us.
  3. If your application is found to be a match for that dog, our interview team will give you call. Keep an eye out for numbers with a 650 or 408 area code, and listen to your voicemails in case we miss you.
  4. The interview team selects one perfect home to adopt, and send them an invitation which contains information about their dog, their adoption appointment, and their deposit. We established the deposit policy because we were spinning our wheels doing applications and setting people up who never showed up and didn’t bother to tell us they weren’t coming, or cancelling with little to no notice. COVID-19 has only reinforced the need to make sure that when we are asking our people to come out, the adopter is truly committed to showing up and being serious about adopting. Our $50 dollar deposit goes towards your adoption fees. After it is paid, we will work with you to find a time/date of your appointment, which will be set up within three days of your approval.
  5. If you pay your deposit, you will be told to arrive at your appointment with a collar, leash, and dog tag. Nothing else is required except for your wonderful self! Feel free to bring other dogs, if you have them, and family members along to your appointment. We follow social distancing guidelines, and would appreciate it if you would wear a mask as a layer of additional protection.
  6. If you decide to adopt, you take the dog home that day, and start a new life with your dog! We will follow up with you a week, six months, and a year after your appointment to make sure your dog is settling in, and we always appreciate other updates if you want to send them our way.

Thank you for your interest in our dogs. We look forward to seeing your application.